What makes Dolle’s different?

  1. We are family owned and OPERATED. We work our business and have dedicated our lives to serving the best candy to Ocean City visitors—as well as customers around the world through our online store.
  2. We eat our candy. Every day. No exceptions. We give the candy that we make to our own children. If it’s good enough, wholesome enough, and quality enough to meet the discriminating tastes of the great great grandchildren of Rudolph Dolle Sr., it’s awesome candy!
  3. With the exception of gummies, licorice, and a handful of seasonal items (ask, we’ll tell ya) we make everything on the corner of Wicomico Street and the Boards. If we have to order candy for sale, it is always from the USA or imported from Europe. Not enough space, you say, for all of that manufacturing? Well, there’s actually no place for storage. Hence, what you buy in our shop is made within days, even hours, of your purchase.
  4. FAMILY. Yes, some of us are blood related, but most of us working at Dolle’s are related by the business alone. When you have such a tight bond, it reflects in our product and our service. If something is amiss, we want to know about it and we stand behind our product and service.
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