How should I store my delicious Dolle’s candy?

Simply put, if you’re comfortable, your candy is comfortable. Please don’t freeze or refrigerate any of our products. Everything purchased at Dolle’s just requires an environment between 65 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Your candy won’t suntan, so keep it out of direct sunlight. All of our candies love being airtight–especially popcorn, which can become stale within minutes of manufacturing if left in high humidity. Like previously mentioned, all of our candies are made fresh daily, so abide by the following suggested timelines (if products are kept airtight and at proper temperatures). Please keep in mind that no preservatives are used in our products!

“Enjoy By” Guidelines
Fudge: 4-6 months
Taffy: 6-8 months
Popcorn: 6-8 months
Chocolates: 4-6 months
Brittles: 4-6 months
Mints: 18 months
Caramels: 8 months
Homemade Macaroons: 1 month
Gummies and Licorice: 6 months
Candied Nuts: 2 weeks
Caramel Apples: 72 hours
Chocolate Covered Strawberries: 24 hours or less

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