1 Pound Box Dolle’s® Caramels


Dolle’s® deliciously buttery, chewy caramels are quickly becoming a favorite among customers of every age. Our top secret caramel recipe includes cane sugar, fresh butter, and lots of fresh cream that makes these caramels an irresistible treat.

“Regular” caramels are deliciously chewy and buttery, with a hint of vanilla.

Vanilla Sea Salt Caramels are a variation of our “regular” caramels with a hint of sea salt added in. These are our most popular variety of caramels, consistent with the ever popular sweet and salty taste!

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• Manufactured by Dolle’s Candyland Inc.® of Ocean City, Maryland
• May Contain nut/tree nut products, including coconut and soy
• Made from scratch, in small batches in copper kettles

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Weight 1.00 lbs

Plain Caramel, Sea Salt Caramel