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Website and Wholesale Orders

Lisa Hyatt, Orders Specialist: mailorders@dolles.com

Lisa handles all mail order inquires, package tracking information, wedding favors, candy bars, special orders, and event orders for Dolle’s Candyland. She is also responsible for all wholesale inquires through A&A Candy Company and Dolle’s Wholesale.

Employment and Customer Relations

Heather Sifford, Staff Manager: heather@dolles.com
Heather oversees all staffing inquiries, hiring, and scheduling for our locations as well as all customer relations. If you have feedback regarding our staff or would like to inquire about employment, please feel free to contact Heather at the above email address.

Production and Wholesale

Sean Blanchard, Production Manager: seanblanchard@dolles.com
Sean is responsible for all of Dolle’s production and manufacturing. Sean is available to answer questions about any of our products and manufacturing practices.


Amanda Bise, Office Manager: a.bise@dolles.com
For billing inquiries, accounts receivable, and payroll information, please contact Amanda.

Feedback and Returns

Please direct all product complaints and/or returns to info@dolles.com
NO returns are accepted on candy, we are glad to make exchanges. Inquiry must be made within 30 days of purchase. We require proof of purchase,  including a receipt and remaining candy in its original packaging. Exchanges will not be made for candy that has been consumed, thrown away or otherwise not in the  purchasers possession.